I was so excited to see this weeks photo challenge, as it is right up my alley! I have to say that the past couple of challenges have not inspired me. Combing through my pictures that I associate with glow, I was seriously challenged to narrow them down. Playing with light hitting an object just … Continue reading Illuminated



Today's prompt gave me flashbacks to my childhood years, when we used to play "Gummitwist" for hours on end, taking turns and turns. "Gummitwist", you ask? It is also known as elastic game or Chinese jump rope. All you needed was three people and a long elastic band. Sometimes a chair or even two would … Continue reading Gummitwist


I like taking pictures of leaves and I have lots of them, it was hard to narrow them down to just two. I am always fascinated by their veins and symmetry. Last year I also came across a tansy someone had pulled out and left behind. As I looked closer I saw the perfect patterns … Continue reading Veins