Here is my take on this weeks photo challenge. I took these "corner" pictures over the past five years. Bikes on a corner in Greenwich Village, NY Quiet country corner in the middle of the big city, Los Angeles, CA Fence corners on San Juan Island, WA Dragons in a street corner in Chinatown, Vancouver, … Continue reading Ecken



I hurt my shoulder, bad. Worked through the pain for months not saying anything. Now months later the pain is the same, no amount of therapy or pills or rest made a difference so far. I am back in a sling and I am not liking it. I feel useless, powerless, disarmed. More of a burden … Continue reading Shoulders


This blog is an emotional one for me to write and I almost opted out. But I feel that writing will help me release the sadness of it, embrace the beauty in it and let me move on from it. My Mom was scared of flying her whole life. She never went on vacation by … Continue reading Flight


A to Z Challenge Letter M: Moon

The Moon is a constant in my life, in all our lives really. It shone on me and gave me crazy full moon dreams in Switzerland. And it shines on me and gives me crazy dreams here in the United States as well. And it is the exact same moon! Whenever I feel homesick for … Continue reading A to Z Challenge Letter M: Moon


A to Z Challenge Letter E: English

We all had to learn French in school in Switzerland, starting in 5th grade, it was mandatory. I didn't (and still don't) like the sound of French and I couldn't wait for 7th grade, where we got to choose an optional third language, English or Italian. I picked English, of course. And English came to … Continue reading A to Z Challenge Letter E: English



Not all that glitters is gold! I found that out pretty quickly living in Los Angeles. L.A. is so multi-faceted, the glitter and glamour of Hollywood, the rich and famous in Beverly Hills and the dirt, poverty and grit of East and South Los Angeles. It has traffic and smog, heat waves and droughts, concrete … Continue reading Extra



Back in the good old days the sharp smell of manure, of wet and earthy scent of forest, the sweet smell of cherry and apple blossoms all meant comfort and belonging. The scent of a warm wood fire and the tangy smell of ocean screamed fun and games, vacation time. The world was full of … Continue reading Home