Here is my take on this weeks photo challenge. I took these "corner" pictures over the past five years. Bikes on a corner in Greenwich Village, NY Quiet country corner in the middle of the big city, Los Angeles, CA Fence corners on San Juan Island, WA Dragons in a street corner in Chinatown, Vancouver, … Continue reading Ecken



I hurt my shoulder, bad. Worked through the pain for months not saying anything. Now months later the pain is the same, no amount of therapy or pills or rest made a difference so far. I am back in a sling and I am not liking it. I feel useless, powerless, disarmed. More of a burden … Continue reading Shoulders


Back in the good old days the sharp smell of manure, of wet and earthy scent of forest, the sweet smell of cherry and apple blossoms all meant comfort and belonging. The scent of a warm wood fire and the tangy smell of ocean screamed fun and games, vacation time. The world was full of … Continue reading Home