Today's prompt gave me flashbacks to my childhood years, when we used to play "Gummitwist" for hours on end, taking turns and turns. "Gummitwist", you ask? It is also known as elastic game or Chinese jump rope. All you needed was three people and a long elastic band. Sometimes a chair or even two would … Continue reading Gummitwist



This past week our house has been getting swarmed by yellow jackets. It is hard to sit outside, especially holding on to something edible. They are mostly attracted by the gazillion ripe blackberries hanging in the bushes surrounding our single wide. While I know that they are not a big threat to us if we … Continue reading Swollen


Turn back the clock by about 25 years. I am a gangly teenager growing up in a small farm town in Switzerland. There were no cell phones yet, or Internet or Facebook. My best friend and I communicated from our kitchen window to their dining room window. Yes, my bestie was also our neighbor. We … Continue reading Mixtape


Back in the good old days the sharp smell of manure, of wet and earthy scent of forest, the sweet smell of cherry and apple blossoms all meant comfort and belonging. The scent of a warm wood fire and the tangy smell of ocean screamed fun and games, vacation time. The world was full of … Continue reading Home