Spa Day

I came home today after being gone for a couple of hours and was greeted by three super excited dogs. I let them out to roam the yard and relieve themselves and the meantime I put the groceries away, changed, puttered around the house. After about 15 minutes they all came strolling back in, all … Continue reading Spa Day


Yogurt drops

Rats! Living in the woods we get lots and lots of them. And we have several traps that L. will set faithfully with peanut butter every night. During the winter we often catch more than one a night and I cry every time. Why would I cry, you ask. It's just a rat, considered to … Continue reading Yogurt drops


The dogs were outside enjoying their last sunbath of the day. Linus sitting regally on the blanket L. had spread earlier in the day. Phoebe had plopped down unceremoniously in the dirt next to the blanket, belly up towards the warmth of the sun. L. and danced around each other in the kitchen, he was … Continue reading Coon


I watch her sleep curled up next to me, my soul full of love. The warmth of her little body mingles with my own. She twitches, her legs move, she is dreaming something. Maybe she is chasing after her ball in her sleep. I smile as I notice the tennis ball next to her on … Continue reading Phoebe


We have been having a particular cold winter and my two small dogs, especially Linus, the chug (Chihuahua/Pug mix), have been depending on their sweaters and doggie coats quite a bit. Add rain and snow to the mix and those sweaters really get filthy and wet. Therefore we often ran into a "shortage".  Dog sweaters … Continue reading Coats