I was so excited to see this weeks photo challenge, as it is right up my alley! I have to say that the past couple of challenges have not inspired me. Combing through my pictures that I associate with glow, I was seriously challenged to narrow them down. Playing with light hitting an object just … Continue reading Illuminated



On my porch teasing me in deep purple, a flower so delicate it doesn't seem real. It's velvety sheen begs to be touched, fingers twitching simply to pluck. Stooping in to take a closer look, struck by beauty so profound. I decide to leave it be and enjoy the sight of it for days to … Continue reading Purple


The dogs were outside enjoying their last sunbath of the day. Linus sitting regally on the blanket L. had spread earlier in the day. Phoebe had plopped down unceremoniously in the dirt next to the blanket, belly up towards the warmth of the sun. L. and danced around each other in the kitchen, he was … Continue reading Coon