Black and White

When I was getting ready to move up north I started going through all my stuff to sell the things I no longer had use for. I posted stuff on Craigslist and soon had interested parties contacting me. One of the items I decided to sell was a TomTom GPS unit that my cousin had … Continue reading Black and White


A to Z Challenge Letter T: Traffic

Traffic, an ever present topic for every one living in or around the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. Never knowing if your commute will take you the 10 minutes it should only take or turn into a 3 hour ordeal, is simply everyday reality for anybody living in L.A. with a car. It makes planning your … Continue reading A to Z Challenge Letter T: Traffic


A few months ago my car broke down on me on the mainland. My current car is the "newest" vehicle I have had since learning how to drive and its system is computerized. Once it is broken down only a garage can really figure out what is wrong. Just not intuitive at all. I bought … Continue reading Cars


Shadows in Cayucos

One of my favorite places in the world is Cayucos by the Sea in California. For a while I was trying to find a job and housing up there, unsuccessfully, and ended up just visiting as often as I could swing it. When I drove down the coast to Los Angeles in November 2015 I … Continue reading Shadows in Cayucos



Back in the good old days the sharp smell of manure, of wet and earthy scent of forest, the sweet smell of cherry and apple blossoms all meant comfort and belonging. The scent of a warm wood fire and the tangy smell of ocean screamed fun and games, vacation time. The world was full of … Continue reading Home


City Oasis

When I still lived down in Los Angeles, I would find solace in the vast expanse of Griffith Park. I used to live just blocks away from one of the main entrances and escaped every chance I got. And then when Lola found me, we hiked its trails religiously. It was our peaceful oasis, felt … Continue reading City Oasis