I watch her sleep curled up next to me, my soul full of love. The warmth of her little body mingles with my own. She twitches, her legs move, she is dreaming something. Maybe she is chasing after her ball in her sleep. I smile as I notice the tennis ball next to her on … Continue reading Phoebe


The rain is drumming steadily on the roof as a ray of sunlight pierces through the endless grey sky. She sits at the window, looking out into the woods, pondering and contemplating her life. It had been a difficult few months full of setbacks, pain and the always present self-doubt. What was her purpose in … Continue reading Chocolate

Green Card

The day of my much anticipated and long overdue trip home had arrived. I had made packing lists weeks ahead, piled and re-piled my clothes to take. I double and triple checked that I had everything I needed ready to go. Wallet, phone, plane ticket, camera, passport, green card. I stopped mid-checking. Wallet, phone, plane … Continue reading Green Card


She stepped into the brambles, picking the fat ripe berries. Her hand got stuck on a thorn, tearing her skin. She gently blows on the bleeding scratch. She quietly whispers "heal, my dear skin, heal!" He packs his bags, gives her a final hug and kiss. She closes the door behind him, her heart breaking … Continue reading Healing