Today's prompt gave me flashbacks to my childhood years, when we used to play "Gummitwist" for hours on end, taking turns and turns. "Gummitwist", you ask? It is also known as elastic game or Chinese jump rope. All you needed was three people and a long elastic band. Sometimes a chair or even two would … Continue reading Gummitwist



This past Saturday was the day I finally had some Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scheduled for my shoulder.  I've had an MRI once before for my knee and didn't have to go all the way into the tube. This time would be different and I was nervous to go in. When I made the appointment … Continue reading Tube


You meet and start to amble along together. You have interesting discussions, conversations, exchanges. Sometimes you amble together for only a few minutes, sometimes for a lifetime. With some people conflicts arise and you go separate ways. Yet with others it turns into deep affection and you keep trucking on. Oftentimes it ain't that black … Continue reading Grey