Looking through!

Windows! I love them! And now I finally have a place to call home again (other than my childhood homes), where I actually enjoy looking out. I'm not just seeing the walls of the building next door, I see woods, nature and life! It looks different every day! Below is the view I had this … Continue reading Looking through!


Port Townsend

I wrote this post for Lance's website and figured that I could just post it here as well. After all I was part of the whole experience! 🙂 Last weekend was our first time going off island to sell at a Festival. We had been playing with the thought of selling at a bigger event … Continue reading Port Townsend


I love bridges, all shapes and sizes. I have been lucky to have visited quite a few iconic ones. Some I have digital pictures of, some I don't. Here are a few of them. Brooklyn Bridge, New York Capilano Suspension Bridge, North Vancouver, Canada Deception Pass Bridge, Washington State Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Old … Continue reading Across


Last year I was staying at my Grandma's house for a few days and the neighboring town had its annual Hot Air Balloon Festival. They would fly twice a day for two days, once early in the morning, right after sunrise and once in the evening, before sunset. You would hear the first balloons arrive … Continue reading Balloons


I have done some traveling in my 40 years of life. However, many of my pictures are old-fashioned paper prints. I finally fully switched to digital about 4 years ago. In those 4 years I visited Joshua Tree and Grand Canyon National Parks. I've always had a fascination with rocks and rock formations. Maybe I … Continue reading Rocks