Closer Look

I was super stoked when I saw this week’s photo challenge! I finally got myself a Macro lens and have been experimenting with it. The very reason I love Macro photography is the fact that it makes every day things seem otherworldly! It is simply fascinating!  Here are three that I chose. I hope you enjoy them!

madronafbThis is a closeup of a colorful Pacific Madrone tree (Arbutus menziesii), a tree species that I have grown very fond of over the past three years. They are so unique and have leaves all year round! The bark will peel off in long read pieces, revealing a super smooth surface underneath!

mossfbAs some of you may know from a previous post, I love mosses and lichen. Their hardiness inspires and astonishes me. I took a detail shot of a lichen and moss covered rock on Sunday. Here you see an example of a beautiful cup lichen also known as Cladonia (official latin name is Cladonia pyxidata). I think they look kind of alien!

fishfbThis one I actually took with my tele lens in Mexico, taking a picture into the water from a pier. If you look closer you can see fish in the water, they are Sergeant major fish, a species of damselfish. Fish to me are definitely from out of this world! Life in the ocean is  so grand and still such a mystery!
Out of This World


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