Courage is a funny thing, a concept I often struggle with. Most often I am a “sticking my head in the sand” kind of person. I have dreams and desires, but then chicken out and hide behind my comfort zone. But every once in a while I take a deep breath, gather up all my courage and I leap!

And more often than not the leap is totally worth it and everything works out just fine! Which then in turn makes me wonder why I don’t have the courage to leap more often. See what I mean, I am really challenged here!

For several months now I have been playing with the idea of submitting my pictures to one or more stock photography providers. I even looked several up, but always got spooked by the fact that my pictures would be judged first and then either approved or rejected. I talked myself into believing that my photographic abilities are less than others, that I am simply not good enough. Sound familiar? My partner goes through it all the time with his jewelry creations.

Anyways, every time I browsed one of these websites I backed out with cold feet. Last week I finally gathered all the courage I could muster, stepped out of the comfort zone and submitted my “best” work. I was expecting the worst, flat out rejection all the way around. But I figured I would never know if I was good enough if I never tried, right?

You can only imagine my exhilaration when one of these websites accepted 7 out of 10 pictures I had submitted! Seven!!! Our single wide was almost falling of its foundation with my excited jumping around! They found my photography to be worthy of their stock! I could hardly believe my luck!

Since then I submitted several more pictures to them and they took them all. I even submitted pictures to a different provider and they accepted all but one of them as well. I am ecstatic! It prompted another leap! I caved and bought myself a macro lens! Something I always wanted, as I love taking pictures of the little things. A whole new world opened up!

And how did it all start! By simply having the courage to hit that “submit” button. What’s the moral of my story? Don’t ever be afraid of rejection!




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