Playing with Angles

I haven’t gotten a chance to go out with my camera and shoot some new stuff lately. I really want to experiment with night photography again, which would have been perfect for this weeks challenge. However, my shoulder injury has been affecting my hobbies, especially taking pictures considerably. I have a hard time holding my camera up and steady at this time. The following two pictures I took this past week with my cell phone, please excuse the rather poor quality.

The first one was taken while sitting in my van watching the waves roll ashore from a lookout spot on the island. While sitting there I noticed that the side mirror shows me two completely different angles and I just had to snap a pic. I love how the angle affected the color of the sky as well.20171115_141533

This one was taken yesterday morning as I got into my car to go to work and there was just the slightest layer of ice on my windshield. It looked like fir trees and so I tried to angle it in a way that you can see the trees surrounding my home in the background. I think it worked, just wish the quality was better.20171117_075605




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