Waking up this morning was a challenge,
dragging myself out of bed into the cold.
Morningfrost and steamed up car windows,
endless bow making numbing my mind.

Coming home doesn’t make it any better,
tough and incredible news making it worse.
The day starting to turn ghoulish and sad.
A hike in the woods might be the remedy.

Following the eager dog along the wooded trail,
stepping out onto a wet seagrass covered beach.
The air fresh and brisk, the sky blue, water gently lapping.
I stand captured by the wildness of the scene.

Soon we watch birds take off and land on the water,
Seals busy catching big fish, eager gulls waiting for leftovers.
We listen for the bald eagle’s call up in the trees.
The rustle of little wild lives all around us.

All of a sudden a startled sound and movement.
Three river otters eyeing us from a safe distance away.
The watch us closely for a while, inching a bit closer.
Then run to the water and elegantly dive in.

We keep walking the beach, enjoying the peace.
The otters following us swimming in the water.
Eventually they lose interest and turn to other matters,
we keep walking, working up a slight sweat.

That’s when I realize how much better I feel.
Wild encounters always do that to me.
Life just somehow seems so much less serious.
The ghosts from earlier in the day gone.



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