I drove to work today only to find out that the power was out and everybody had gone back home. Since I start later than the rest of the production crew, I didn’t know about the outage and nobody thought of calling me. My first reaction was annoyance. I could have slept a bit longer, which would have been very welcome. I have been having a hard time sleeping for month now with my shoulder injury and every extra minute of sleep helps.

I got back into my car and made way back home. On the way in, the sun had just crested the tree tops. Now on the way back, it shone its golden glory all over the island. And by golden glory I really mean an ethereal orange, yellow, golden brown glow that makes your heart sing. There are no words to really describe it,  and no picture will ever do it justice. It is simply surreal! It makes you feel like you are floating above your body and you cannot possibly take it all in. All of a sudden that unnecessary trip to work became a necessary reminder that life has been good despite its challenges.

I have been on this island for over three years now and it still takes my breath away on a daily basis. There is so much natural and raw beauty here. Summer used to be my favorite season all of my childhood and young adult life. Now I have a hard time picking a favorite. Every season has its own perks and surprises here!

Spring dazzles with the brightest of greens, your whole world is immersed in shades of happiness, speckled with colored dots of yellow, white and pink spring flowers. The angle of the sun is just right to make everything glow, almost like every leaf has its own little light bulb. The sky is streaked with feathery clouds. The tree frogs are out in droves at night, singing you undulating lullabies. The birds wake up early and fill the air with jubilant sounds.

Summer turns the grass brown and the leaves dark green. Combine that with the deep blue water surrounding the island and you get all these awesome contrasts. The temperature is perfect during the day, and cools down at night for a good nights sleep. Now the bull frogs and cicadas are out serenading and the owls are talking to each other at night. Hummingbirds are competing for nectar with butterflies. Birds are busy feeding their young. It gets bright really early and dark really late. Bright orange poppies take over the road sides. Gardens are brimming with vegetables and colorful arrays of flowers. Late summer blesses you with berries galore.

Fall comes with rain clouds an the first stormy winds, leaves timidly start to turn yellow and brown. The eagles return from their salmon hunts as the days get shorter. Dragonflies are doing aerial acrobatics all around you. Magnificent cloud creatures cross the blue skies blown by the winds. The air starts to feel fresh and cool. The grass turns green once again. Then the leaves peak in color and the sun’s angle turns everything into a golden brown glow. There are so many warm and earthy colors, it is hard to pick a favorite. The newts (salamanders) come back out from their cool hiding spaces and make their way across roads, flashing their bright orange feet as they walk. The night turns quiet, except for the occasional rustling of deer and raccoons in the woods.

Winter arrives with frost that twinkles like a thousand diamonds in the morning sun. Nature goes into hibernating mode. All the leaves have fallen. Winter storms blow through, bringing rain and sometimes snow. The days are short, the nights are long. The smell of wood fires mingles with the earthy smell of wet forest ground. The cold air makes for a deep blue sky and incredibly clear views of the mountains and surrounding islands. Walks feel invigorating and color your cheeks a healthy red. It is quiet. Nighttime brings out twinkling stars in the cold crisp air. Everything around you is taking a break and you take time to reflect on the year and prepare for a new spring.

Nowadays every season is a favorite of mine. I adjusted and I am living in the flow of things, trying to follow what nature does. Nothing has ever felt better!


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