Today’s prompt gave me flashbacks to my childhood years, when we used to play “Gummitwist” for hours on end, taking turns and turns. “Gummitwist”, you ask? It is also known as elastic game or Chinese jump rope. All you needed was three people and a long elastic band. Sometimes a chair or even two would have to suffice, especially when I practiced at home!


Oh yeah! I was good at it, very good actually! I loved this game. We played it whenever we could, outside, inside, that elastic band came with me everywhere! We even made up our own custom patterns and had Gummitwist Olympics. Fun times!

I mentioned the game to my nieces and nephews a few years ago and all I got was blank and bored stares. We didn’t have an elastic band otherwise I would have shown them what I was talking about. What happened to today’s youth? Everything needs to be computerized or they are not even interested! So sad!

All I know is that we used to have such a blast with such little things. And to top it off, not one of us was overweight! And boy did we eat a lot of sweets. Growing up in Switzerland, chocolate was pretty much part of our diet!

As I reminisce about those Gummitwist days I feel a tinge of melancholy. Part of it is simple nostalgia, part of it is sadness that those days really are over.



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