The Painted Rock

I live about 4.5 miles outside of town, in the woods. There is a small lake and a big rolling meadow in walking distance from our house, a perfect little walk for the dogs and me. In the middle of the meadow is a big rock, a glacial erratic left behind about 15’000 years ago. Some 25 years ago people started painting the rock. Not just with your regular graffiti, but actual “murals”, works of art and often important messages. In my three and a half years here, the rock changed its “color” at least 20 times, several memorial messages, wedding shout-outs, birthday messages, political messages, you name it, it has been on the rock.

It is always fun to see what comes next when the rock gets “white-washed” for a new paint job. There must be hundreds of layers of paint on that thing by now. I tried to count them once in a broken off piece of paint, unsuccessfully I must say, I gave up after about twenty distinct layers.

This winter the rock got covered in an additional layer of snow. Snow doesn’t happen too often here on the island due to our microclimate. I thought it was only fitting for me to snap a picture with my cellphone. So without further ado, here it is, our famous “community rock”!



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