I like taking pictures of leaves and I have lots of them, it was hard to narrow them down to just two. I am always fascinated by their veins and symmetry. Last year I also came across a tansy someone had pulled out and left behind. As I looked closer I saw the perfect patterns in each flower head, tiny mandalas drawn by Mother Nature.

I tossed in the rusty and sad circular staircase I found in a quiet alley off the main plaza of Uruapan, a city in the state of Michoacan in Mexico. I had almost walked right by, when something about its structure stopped me in my tracks and I had to take a picture.

11011209_10153774097684789_4566402256017854666_nMaple Leaf veins

12106990_10153797554109789_3440121336248379787_nPerfect symmetry for a perfect structure

14568093_10154812027714789_4420340851928084030_nNature’s mandalas

944795_10151885253604789_1969026725_nA forgotten stairway in Uruapan, Mexico



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