Spa Day

I came home today after being gone for a couple of hours and was greeted by three super excited dogs. I let them out to roam the yard and relieve themselves and the meantime I put the groceries away, changed, puttered around the house. After about 15 minutes they all came strolling back in, all casual and innocent. About 30 seconds after their entrance I got hit by the stench!

Turns out that during the time I was gone a piece of dead animal showed up on the property, probably dropped by an eagle or vulture. And of course the dogs found it and decided it would be fun to roll in it, one after another! Hence the sickly sweet, slight rotten smell in my house!

I managed to sort of herd them away from couch and bed and confine them in a “safe” space. Who wants to have dead animal smell on their furniture, right? I got the bathroom ready and dumped the first one in the tub! As I finished up drying her off, my boyfriend drove up. “Don’t touch the dogs or let them out of confinement”, I yelled out the window. He asked why and I just responded that he will know why the second he gets close to them.

I released the now clean dog, shepherded the next one into the bathroom. She is our guest dog that we are currently dog sitting. Turns out, she really likes to be bathed! What a relief not to have to wrestle the dog while trying to lather him or her up!

L. decided that he wants to wash the third one. I was glad, my shoulder was literally “yelling” at me to stop doing what I was doing! Once they were all clean they were allowed to roam the house again, which resulted in three dogs having the “zoomies” and chasing each other around all excited! Watching them rub around and and go crazy after getting a bath is one of my favorite things in the world! They act like the world is coming to an end when you put them in the tub only to come out clean and super happy!

Now we have three clean and nice smelling pooches eagerly awaiting their dinner! L. made sure he found the piece of dead animal and disposed of it! Let’s hope they won’t find another one for at least a week…



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