I hurt my shoulder, bad. Worked through the pain for months not saying anything. Now months later the pain is the same, no amount of therapy or pills or rest made a difference so far. I am back in a sling and I am not liking it.

I feel useless, powerless, disarmed. More of a burden than a help. I am teetering between being pushed down and coming up on top. I lost all direction, personal, vocational, emotional. I never thought having a bad shoulder would cause such a existential crisis in me.

Today I lost my cool for a while, I had been on the brink for days and I finally fell into the hole. The tears released something in me, one minute I was crying, the next I was laughing hysterically. Once I calmed down I finally made an appointment for acupuncture. I have high hopes!

Until then I simply grit my teeth, get up in the morning and do my best to go with the flow. It is what I have done my whole life.


3 thoughts on “Shoulders

  1. Welcome to my world… After a bicycle accident in L.A. messed up my shoulders. My left never recovered. In pain with limited motion. I feel ya. Hope acupuncture works for ya… Be well.


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