The dogs were outside enjoying their last sunbath of the day. Linus sitting regally on the blanket L. had spread earlier in the day. Phoebe had plopped down unceremoniously in the dirt next to the blanket, belly up towards the warmth of the sun. L. and danced around each other in the kitchen, he was cooking, I was setting the table. We both enjoyed the peaceful evening in the woods.

All of a sudden a huge racket outside, both dogs barking, growling and howling, falling over each other in a mad dash attempt at running into the woods. I ran outside, calling them back, trying to figure out what had set them off. I didn’t see the cow that comes visiting almost every day, so it must have been something else. I found them next to the tall Douglas fir by our shed, barking madly up into the tree.

Looking up I discovered the reason for their discontent, a disheveled looking, rather panicked old raccoon. He had darted up that tree in a rush and was lodged quite far up on a tiny broken off branch. I gathered up the dogs and herded them inside, grabbed my camera and went to take a few pictures. I noticed then, that the little bugger had a bad eye. After snapping a few shots, I went back inside to give him some space to relax and climb down.

We watched from the living room window as he clumsily turned around on the tree trunk and then slowly and haphazardly made his way back down. Several times he almost fell and both L. and I would hold our breath. It seemed like eternity when he finally reached the ground and scampered of into the woods. I doubt we will see him around for a while, the dogs really gave him a good scare.

I love living the woods, even though it is super peaceful and quiet, there is really never a dull moment. Between visits from raccoons, foxes and a stray cow, there is always something going on in the trees. Woodpeckers drumming, Eagles crying, Crows cawing and chasing other birds around, Hummingbirds buzzing and not to forget the frogs and toads we get on a regular basis.




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