Morning Glory

She wakes up, slowly blinking her eyes open, stretching and yawning and tentatively sticking foot out from under the warm cover to test the temperature. Her eye gets caught by a ray of sunlight peeking through the curtains, causing dust particles to dance and sway. Joy fills her whole body, it is sunny outside! She gets out of bed and opens up the curtains, letting the soft early morning sunshine fill the room. The trees outside are aglow, the birds singing their love songs, the deer rustling in the bushes.

Living in Southern California for years before, sunshine and heat had become a regular everyday routine. A cloudy day was something special. Now living in the Pacific Northwest, sunny and warm days are a precious and welcome. Slowly she gets dressed and meanders to the kitchen to prepare her morning coffee. She keeps peeking out the windows in wonder. She can’t wait to get her day started and go outside. On sunny days getting out of bed really ain’t that bad!




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