Black and White

When I was getting ready to move up north I started going through all my stuff to sell the things I no longer had use for. I posted stuff on Craigslist and soon had interested parties contacting me. One of the items I decided to sell was a TomTom GPS unit that my cousin had left with me when he went back to Switzerland.

I had several people interested in the unit, but one guy in particular offered me more than the price I was asking for. He really wanted the thing bad! I gave him my number and he soon called me to schedule a meet-up. He told me that he was at work, but could stop by a local park during his break. I often walked my dog there and agreed to the meeting, looking forward to combine the two things.

He told me exactly where to meet and I told him what kind of car I drive. I arrived a few minutes early. There wasn’t any real parking spot, so I just kinda pulled over on the shoulder, knowing that it wasn’t completely legal to stop there. I was playing around on my phone waiting when I look up and see a cop car approach in my rear view mirror. I immediately put the car in gear and drove off. I really didn’t have any extra money for a ticket.

I pulled into the parking lot about half a mile down when my phone rang. It was the guy asking where I was. I told him that I had stopped illegally and had taken off when the cops showed up. I explained that I was now at the parking lot further down the road. He laughed and said that he would be there in a few minutes. I asked what kind of car he drives and he just giggled and said “a black and white one”.  We hung up.

Less than a minute later the cop car pulls up to me. I started to swear under my breath, mentally preparing myself for a ticket. Then all of a sudden I got it, the big revelation! I am a bit slow sometimes comprehending things, I blame it on being Swiss! The guy was a cop! And the cop car his car! I felt like such a fool.

I got out of the car, my face burning! I walked over to the car and both officers got out and just laughed. I apologized for being so dense and not understanding right away. He told me not to feel bad, he should have let me know that he was a cop to begin with. His partner was the one that told him not to tell me after they watched me “run away” from them. He said the whole thing just made their day. Great!!!

I showed him the unit, he paid and we went our separate ways. To this day this was my most mortifying transaction ever.



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