I watch her sleep curled up next to me, my soul full of love. The warmth of her little body mingles with my own. She twitches, her legs move, she is dreaming something. Maybe she is chasing after her ball in her sleep. I smile as I notice the tennis ball next to her on the couch. She takes it everywhere, never tires of running and retrieving it.

She has been with us for half a year now. The shy and terrified little rescue now transformed into a curious, lively and funny little dog. She has come into her own. She is an investigator, a wrestler, a runner, a sunbather, a lover. I gently cradle her small paw in my hand, feel the thickness of her pads, her soft and shiny fur. She makes my heart sing.

She is love and light healing my tender heart. She is Phoebe, the bright and shining one.




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