The rain is drumming steadily on the roof as a ray of sunlight pierces through the endless grey sky. She sits at the window, looking out into the woods, pondering and contemplating her life. It had been a difficult few months full of setbacks, pain and the always present self-doubt. What was her purpose in life? What was she supposed to do? What if she is missing out on things, living in the wrong place, working in the wrong job?

She had been feeling depressed for weeks now, not wanting to get out of bed, even on the most beautiful of days. She feels constantly hungry, eating all day long. She started to wear only yoga pants, anything else is starting to feel tight on her hips and legs. It all started with being injured and the pain caused by the injury infringing heavily on her life. Even just walking caused discomfort. It was easier to park herself in front of the TV and eat. Nothing else seemed fun or enjoyable anymore.

As she looks at the ray of light shining on the greenery outside, she can’t help but feel a glimmer of hope. Maybe the waiting around will have an end, maybe a ray of light will shine on an opportunity or possibility for her to find her purpose again.  A light breeze picks up outside, gently swaying the tall aspen and firs. The movement is almost hypnotic and for a second she loses herself in it.

The drumming of the rain pulls her back into reality. The sadness returns. She reaches over and gets a hold of the Swiss chocolate sitting on her table. She sighs, looks at it, takes a bite and savors the crisp nougat filling inside. At least one thing she still enjoys with abandon.



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