Keeping it neat!

As I looked through my pictures of patterns and orderly things, the following two struck me as perfect for this week’s challenge. It shows how to big cities are keeping it neat, one with cars, the other with colorful boats.

New York City, USA2011-05-15 13.19.25I was fascinated with the stacking car parks they have in New York City. I watched for about an hour as a parking attendant moved cars around to get to one on the top and then re-stacked them all neatly. Very cool idea!

Xochimilco, Mexico City, MexicoDSC05258Xochimilco is a borough in Mexico City that is famous for it’s canals, which are leftovers of an extensive lake and canal system. Tourists and locals alike can enjoy the 110 miles of canals by riding around on colorful “trajineras”, which are gondola-like boats. When they are not used the trajineras are all tied up neatly in colorful rows.


7 thoughts on “Keeping it neat!

  1. Wait so how does the car park work?? I’ve never seen anything like that before! Do the shelves move with the cars on them? So fascinating! I love your second picture too. Very colorful 🙂

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