Timeless Machines

I know that I am  a week behind on this photo challenge. I am currently visiting family in Switzerland and have been couch surfing for a few days without constant internet access. Now I am back at my Dad's house trying to catch up with everything. The town next to my home town had its … Continue reading Timeless Machines


Perfect Fuzz

I love dandelions, especially when they turn into that perfect round fuzz ball that can last a few seconds or a few days. I have been taking many a pictures of those perfect natural miracles. But the one I shot just a few days ago is the best I managed thus far. So I decided … Continue reading Perfect Fuzz


I was looking forward to go home to see my folks. I was looking forward to see my homeland in Spring time, the most beautiful of all the seasons. I didn't even really mind the long trip, some 32 hours from start to finish! Overcome by emotions that I can't quite put my finger on, … Continue reading Family


Nature’s Mirrors

My island home has many still ponds with inspiring reflections and of course plenty of opportunity around the many ports as well. I love to play with reflections and below you will find some of my favorites from the past two years. San Juan Island, WA San Juan Island, WA Port of Friday Harbor, WA … Continue reading Nature’s Mirrors



Exploring the old limestone quarries at Lime Kiln Point State Park in the San Juan Islands, I came across this sign. After I had just made my way down a craggy  rocky hill side....oops! These signs are a pretty common sight in the Swiss country side. And yes, during the Spring and Summer you will … Continue reading Warning!


Green Card

The day of my much anticipated and long overdue trip home had arrived. I had made packing lists weeks ahead, piled and re-piled my clothes to take. I double and triple checked that I had everything I needed ready to go. Wallet, phone, plane ticket, camera, passport, green card. I stopped mid-checking. Wallet, phone, plane … Continue reading Green Card



I have done some traveling in my 40 years of life. However, many of my pictures are old-fashioned paper prints. I finally fully switched to digital about 4 years ago. In those 4 years I visited Joshua Tree and Grand Canyon National Parks. I've always had a fascination with rocks and rock formations. Maybe I … Continue reading Rocks