A to Z Challenge Letter Z: Zen

This is it! The last blog post for the April A to Z challenge! And I stuck to it and finished, yay! Thank you to everyone that was reading my posts. I am still a greenhorn when it comes to blogging and every like or comment is very appreciated and encouraging! So here we go, Letter Z is for Zen:

They each have four paws and a wagging tail.
One has bubbly eyes, the other a snaggle tooth.
One is tan the other is brindle.
They both have a cute little underbite.
One has big pointy ears reaching the sky.
The other’s are pointy or floppy depending on the time of the day.
They love to sleep and love to play.
One loves his blankets, the other her ball.
They go for walks through the forest and along the beach.
They are both small but mighty still.
They are mixed breed bundles of pure love.
They own my heart, my love, my passion, my life.

My dogs are my ZEN!


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