A to Z Challenge Letter X: X-files

I have to admit, Letter X stumped me for a long time. I couldn’t think of any words starting with “x” that had anything to do with me coming to America, not even remotely. Then I read an excited Facebook post from a coworker, announcing that ten new episodes of the X-files will be released and I had my word.

I used to watch the X-files religiously back in Switzerland. The show was shown on Monday nights and I would record it so we could watch it during our lunch break in trade school the next day. The show was just truly American to me and it always got me dreaming and scheming about my impending move across the pond.

Last year we discovered that the whole show was available on Netflix and we started watching episodes during our dinners and on rainy (and snowy) days. Just watching it again triggered so many memories. I was reminded of that bright-eyed girl, barely twenty-one, with the big dreams of moving to the United States. I was reminded of my fears I had back then, but also of the courage it took for me to make that big step.

It made me proud to see how far I have come. That I actually did it and made my childhood dream a reality. That I overcame adversity and challenges and that I am still standing strong. And it was of course also fun to realize that I know a lot of the locations used during the time the show was filmed in Los Angeles. It felt like a deja-vu in more than one sense.

The best part about re-watching the show was the fact that now I watched it in English and I understood it all just the way I used to when I watched it in German. I am excited about the new episodes, but I had also made my peace with the ones that had been filmed almost two decades ago. I had come full circle.


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