A to Z Challenge Letter V: Voting

There have been several presidential elections and some other real important issues to be voted on (Like Prop 8 in California) over the 17 years I have been calling the US home. And it has always been interesting to watch the proceedings and the outcomes, even though sometimes they have been downright infuriating. I got my citizenship in 2012 and I have been voting every single time since, without a fail. I got the right to vote just in time for Obamas re-election. Hooray!

Voting is a privilege! It is sad to see how so many people don’t feel the same. I always wonder why the voter turnout is so low every time. You can even get time off to go vote if you need it! There really is no excuse for simply not using your voice! Some people argue that the issues don’t apply to them, or they don’t like any of the candidates. Still no excuse to just sit it out!

I really hope the new generations understand how important their right to vote is. That apathy and sitting back simply won’t cut it anymore! Hopefully this whole presidential election disaster we just had turns into a wake up call.

A girl can hope!



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