A to Z Challenge Letter U: Universe

“Dear Universe, dear Reiki Guides and Spirit Guides, dear Power Animals and Angels and all beings of the light that are with me every day…”

That is how I start my morning and my evening rituals, my Reiki sessions and my in between pick me ups. Some people call it prayer, I call it my rituals.  I believe in a higher power and I address it as Universe. The Universe represents universal love to me. I don’t believe in God in the traditional sense. And living here in the United States that is totally okay and accepted.

It is one of the things I appreciate the most about living here. Religion and spirituality aren’t black and white, they are faceted and colorful, they are what makes us tick and makes us unique. In Switzerland you either belong to the Catholic or the Evangelical church. There is no in between. People look at you funny when you say that you don’t belong to either. Leaving either church can be a challenge with the priests coming to your house trying to persuade you to stay. You pay taxes to the church you belong to, you still pay those taxes even if you leave the church. They are just distributed differently.

I cannot stand when people try to me into joining their church and their beliefs and it drives me absolutely crazy when they take out the old “You won’t go to heaven if you don’t accept Jesus into your life”. Please stop!!! I don’t try to push my faith on you, why do you think it is okay to push yours on me! We live in a free country, right?!

I was baptized and confirmed in the Evangelical church. It is just the thing you do where I grew up. My family isn’t religious, we rarely went to church, mostly weddings and funerals and the mandatory services I had to go to in order to be confirmed. My parents let us decide for ourselves what we wanted to believe in and what not. I left the Evangelical church when I moved to the States. I have not regretted that step for a second. So I will just be on my merry way, praying to the Universe and all my guides and I will be just fine once I take on my final journey. That I know for sure!


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