A to Z Challenge Letter S: Sunshine

One of the main reasons I chose to move to Southern California was the weather, specifically the eternal sunshine. And California did not disappoint. I soaked it up that first year like I had never soaked up sun before. And I even got a tan! I burn very easily and just barely get a half a shade darker, but somehow that first summer I got a tan. And I was proud of it.

I lived 5 blocks from the beach for the first six months and I took advantage of it. I walked from the Santa Monica/Venice city limit all the way down to the Venice Pier and often even further down to the entrance of the Marina. I did this every day for six months and I loved it!

Then I moved further away from the beach and the beach walks became less frequent and so faded my super tan. And eventually life took over and beach walks became a coveted thing, especially after I moved even farther east. I still soaked up that sunshine though and the May grey and June gloom started to affect me like winters did in Switzerland (these two months get a lot of Marine layer (fog) days, especially on the Westside).

The older I got and the longer I lived in Southern California though, the more sensitive I became to sunshine, and heat. Spending too much time in the sun would give me headaches and I had heat exhaustion more than once. I became an early morning and later afternoon outdoorsy girl and that kind of made me sad. And to my surprise I started to enjoy rainy and marine layer days.

Now I live in Washington and even though we have our own micro climate on the island and get more sunshine than the rest of the state, every sunny day now is special. And while I sometimes get nostalgic thinking back on those bright blue California skies, I now really enjoy the partly cloudy, partly sunny days. Clouds are fabulous and make for way more interesting photography. And when we get one of those bright blue sky days here it is simply spectacular. They are crisp and clear with clean air and fantastic views! 🙂



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