A to Z Challenge Letter P: Priorities

One of the biggest lessons I learned from moving thousands of miles away from home is how to set priorities. Knowing what is more important, paying the rent or buying that cup of coffee. Living and working in America turned out to be quite challenging at times and my income dropped way below Swiss Poverty Levels.

I learnt pretty quickly how to budget and that life on minimum wage takes a lot of sacrifice. But I also learnt that money really isn’t all that counts and that was the lesson I needed to learn. I am still hovering at that poverty line, but I am no longer fretting it. I learnt how to live with little and I learnt how to find free things to do! An mother nature has tons of tons of free to offer! In my opinion the best free there is!

Setting priorities didn’t just apply to what I would buy or not buy or do and not do. It also involved letting people go and hanging on to the ones that really matter. It took me a few years and a few trips to Switzerland to find out exactly who those people are. I would go all out to hang out with all my “friends”, completely burning myself out. Only to be shot down by most of them. I had to learn to give the people who really want to spend time priority. Finding out who my real friends are and who are not was one of the most painful things I needed to learn.

My current group of people isn’t big, but it is mighty! I now know who to inform about impending visits to Switzerland. I know who will immediately re-arrange their busy schedules to see me. I know who won’t mind if I group a few people together for a hangout, especially on shorter trips. I know who will move heaven and earth just to spend a few minutes with me. And it means the world to me!


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