A to Z Challenge Letter O: Ocean

This is a poem that I wrote to the Pacific Ocean three months after I moved to the States. I found it stashed on the bottom of one of my photo boxes this past weekend. It made me smile.

The Ocean
Wave after wave rolls to the shore,
endless like heartbeat.
A cool breeze over the water,
refreshing like breathing.
Sometimes calm and beautiful.
Sometimes wild and scary.
The Ocean, so much power.
It makes me think about myself,
my heartbeat, my breath.
My Moods changing from calm to agitated,
sometimes unpredictable like the sea.
But the waves will keep rolling to the shore,
while my heart will stop some day.
The Ocean, its moods swinging,
surf hitting the shore endless.

written March 3rd, 2000 sitting on the beach in Santa Monica, CA



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