A to Z Challenge Letter N: Numbers

One of the first things I noticed after moving to the States is that Americans have a big affinity for numbers. In Switzerland you get your social security number, your drivers license number, your passport number and a bank account number. Unless you join a fitness club or some other club like that, those are the numbers most people are identified by. I moved here and immediately my “numbers” started accumulating.

Non-resident Alien #
Student Visa #
Student ID #
Social Security #
about 10 different membership and club numbers (you know the grocery store kinds)
Drivers License #
Resident Alien #

You get the idea! We are numbers everywhere, especially in big metropolitan areas. Even going to the DMV or certain stores and offices you become a number. It is really rather interesting. I never paid too much attention while still living in Los Angeles. Now I live in a small island community, no numbers in any places here, and every time I go to ‘Merica (what we call the mainland here), it is almost overwhelming.


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