Love Song to my Island

I fell in love on my ferry ride over.
Sparkling waters, emerald green islands, it felt unreal.
We pulled into the harbor, quaint buildings lining the hill.
I drove off the ferry into town and never looked back.
Oh, how I love thee little island.
The frog’s peeping announcing spring.
The woodpecker’s steady drum.
The majestic eagles flying high above me.
The whales frolicking and swimming by.
Deer, fox and racoons peacefully meandering through our yard.
The songbirds jubilating in the morning.
The thick forests with majestic firs and pines.
The madronas and mosses climbing up rocks and cliffs.
The wild and rocky coast and beaches with seals taking breaks.
The gentle summer breezes and blustery winter storms.
The quiet, oh, the quiet.
I don’t know what took me so long.
Oh, how I adore thee little island in the beautiful Salish Sea.



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