A to Z Challenge Letter J: Jobs

Since relocating myself to the United States I have had many a job in many different sectors. And there will be many more in my future. It’s not that I am flighty or flaky. I have never been fired and always left on my own accord. I just like to be challenged and have many different experiences.

I love that fact that here in the States I can change my job as often as I like. It wouldn’t be an option in Switzerland. It is simply not something Swiss people do! You pick a career, find a job and work there until you retire, the company folds or you get a better offer. I know a lot of Swiss people that are very unhappy with their job situation, but leaving just doesn’t seem to be an option.

Some might argue that changing jobs often will never get you rich. That is definitely true. Most of my jobs hover a couple of bucks above minimum wage. But it is not money that I am after, it is fun and personal fulfillment. Life is too short and too precious to be wasted in a job that bores me or frustrates me.

Some might even argue that one can have too many jobs and a potential boss might feel like I am flighty.  I haven’t had an issue with that yet, I think learning all sorts of things actually enriches me and makes me more valuable to a company. It enables me to adjust to changes and think on my feet. I even think it makes me learn new things faster, it keeps my brain active.

Anyways, until I find a job that I think is the bee’s knees and I can absolutely not live without, I will follow my heart and my gut. If work doesn’t feel right anymore I will move on to something else.

Guess what is on the agenda any day now….


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