A to Z Challenge Letter H: Horses

Horses have always had a huge part in my life, starting as a little horse-crazy girl going way into my teenage years, my twenties and so on, you get it. But I would have never thought that my biggest involvement in the horse world would happen in a big city like Los Angeles. After all I am from a small farm town in Switzerland, plenty of horses there.

It all started with an add from the Los Angeles Community College for a Horseback Riding community class. The price was right and I spontaneously signed up for it. 4 years later I had a certificate in Equine Massage and was studying Equine Science at Pierce College, getting ready to graduate with an occupational certificate, gaining experience as a student worker and looking for barn manager jobs. Who knew that the Los Angeles metropolitan area has one of the largest horse populations in the United States! There are an estimated 90’000 horses living in the larger L.A. area!

Then I got kicked! Bad! While the physical injuries healed within 4 months, the psychological trauma is still lingering. I didn’t even realize I had suffered from trauma until I went back to the barn after having healed up. The first horse that moved his backside my way sent me into hyperventilation!

Out the window went my job plans and future ideas of maybe one day having my own horse farm. I ended up taking a job at a Dog Daycare and later switching to shipping clerk in a warehouse. I was so bummed out about my PTSD that I actually stayed away from horses all together for several years. It was easier that way.

Then I moved to this island in the Pacific Northwest and was asked by a friend if I could possibly go and feed two horses for a couple of weekends. I decided to give it a go. A little hesitant at first I found that just being around the horses wasn’t all that bad. As a matter of fact it made me realized how much I had missed being around them! It gave me enough courage to take another friend up on a trail ride offer the next time I went home to Switzerland.

Now I volunteer at the local Farm Animal Sanctuary and I am getting better and better all the time being around the horses. It feels so good! They are such beautiful souls and such amazing healers! I don’t know why I ever decided to forgo these amazing creatures!

I think I am back!

Some pictures from my L.A. Horse time! Going through them it struck me how happy I look in every single one!



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