I had been housesitting the past two days. At a nice place on the Westside of the island with sweeping views across Haro Strait to Victoria, B.C. to the West and across the Strait of Juan de Fuca to the majestic Olympic Mountains to the South. The house has a nice big deck to enjoy those spectacular views and you bet I did!

Yesterday morning I woke up to fog blocking the views. As I sat and drank my coffee the fog started to lift and the water came into view. A couple of rays of sunshine made the surface glitter like a thousand diamonds. Below me a couple of Eagles were swooping and chasing each other. It was a moment of such peace and beauty, I wish I had a “pause” button to press. Just stop time for a moment and take it all in, imprint a mental picture to forever store in my heart.

I didn’t have a button to press and the moment passed to soon. For a second I felt a stab of envy. Envy that the people owning the house have this view every day, moments like the one I just witnessed all the time. That’s when I realized I had to press that “pause” button on myself and just remember all the great views and moments I have in my own life. Once I got a smile on my lips, I released myself and let life play on.

This morning I woke up at home in my own bed in our cozy single wide. My two dogs snuggled against me and my partner softly snoring next to me. I lifted up the curtain and spotted the beautiful Douglas Fir outside the window stretching its branches out in a wide circle, blue skies above. I listened to the Eagle pair bicker over something in their nest a few trees over. I smiled at the “ratatatata” of the woodpecker busily looking for food out in the forest and the still hesitant melodies of the songbirds waking up. I sighed contently, I was home.

As I mentally paused that happy moment to remember it forever, I realized how lucky I am to wake up to such serenity and peace. Just a few years ago I used to wake up to sirens and traffic noises, the blaring of the neighbor’s radio and helicopters flying over. Looking out the window I would see the wall of the house next door with a shrub in front of it and a sliver of sky if I turned my head far enough. I realized that there is absolutely no need for me to feel envy for anyone. I am right where I want to be at this time in my life.

Now, can I press pause for a moment and revel in it?

DSC_0026 2The view from our living room


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