The recent trend toward “smaller” living and tiny houses has somewhat inspired me to do some cleaning out and give the minimalist lifestyle a bit more thought. And since one of my dreams is to travel around North and Central America in an RV/trailer and being a gypsy for a while, downsizing might just be a good idea. Right?

Anyways, after watching an uplifting documentary on “minimalizing” your household I decided to get to work on my closet for a start. As I started sifting through my clothes I quickly realized that this wasn’t going to be an easy task! Now, I really don’t own a lot of clothes, compared to the average person. Most of my stuff is ancient and I will wear something until it literally falls apart. It is a method that definitely saves me money, but on the downside, I get quite attached to pieces of clothing.

I started on my dresses and skirts. Living in the Pacific Northwest really doesn’t warrant owning more than 1 or 2 skirts and dresses. On the second hanger I was already in tears. After my Mom passed, my sister and I sorted through her clothes. My Mom loved skirts, in all shapes and colors and as it so happened, the skirts were really the only thing that fit me perfect from my Mom’s stash. I picked out my favorites and took them home with me. Most of them have just been hanging there, barely worn by me once.  You guessed it. My Mom’s skirts stayed in my closet. I got rid of most of my own instead.

Once I recovered from the skirt fiasco, I moved on to my sweaters. Some so old they had frayed sleeves, others just gotten a bit too tight. The tight ones went into the donation bag, some of the frayed ones into the rags. Then my big, baggy grey sweater came out and once again the waterworks started. There was the hole my late dog Lola had ripped into it trying to grab a toy in my hand. Inside the front pocket I found some of her hair permanently stuck. Yup, that one didn’t go anywhere other than back in my closet as well.

By now I had barely gotten through a third of my closet and I was already exhausted. The blouses were the easiest, most of them were recent hand-me-downs from a friendly neighbor and I had no problem getting rid of them. The jeans proved simple as well, most of them simply don’t fit me no more. Wait, I used to be a size 2 at one point???

The pile of old yoga pants once again triggered memories by having certain rips and gashes that all had a story with my dog Lola. I managed to get through them and actually tossed all the ripped ones out.

When I was done I had barely made a dent in my closet. I felt frustrated. Being minimal turned out to be more of a challenge than I thought. Needless to say I gave up on the idea after the whole closet drama fiasco thing. But a funny thing happened when I saw the daily prompt today. I was reminded why leading a minimal lifestyle had inspired me in the first place, that I had a dream to work towards. I decided to give it another try on my next day off (as long as the weather isn’t sunny, that is). I’ll keep you posted.


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