Bonnets and Vests

An old car in the woods holding secrets of times long past.
Moss muffling murmurs of what it once may have been.
Wheels then turning fast now forever standing still.
Adventure and Romance cling to pieces of rusty steel.
Contemplating the wreckage vivid visions come to mind.
Memories of olden days stories as grandmother has told,
Of pretty girls in bonnets and dapper boys in vests,
Pick-nick baskets and blankets and green meadows to rest.
Of carefree moments in otherwise hardworking lives.
Catching glimpses of long forgotten hopes and dreams.
Things our ancestor once upon a time may all have seen.
An old car in the woods still working its charm.

Car_Fotor Old Ford in the middle of the woods on San Juan Island, WA. How did it get there?


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