Desert Night

The first look at desert can be disheartening.
Nothing there you think, just dirt, cactus and dry bushes.
Take another look, closer this time.
There is the little bird rooting around under one of the bushes.
A lizard taking a lazy sunbath on a rock.
A spiderweb strung between a two straggly branches.
As the day goes along and the angle of the sun changes, so does the desert.
The rocks change colors depending on the sun, shadows grow shorter then longer again.
The longer you sit the more life you discover.
Who knew tiny flowers can thrive in arid environment?
And all the amazing animal life, all adjusted to their harsh surroundings.
If you get a chance, spent a night in the desert.
Temperatures drop dramatically and it gets cold and dark.
But the darkness is what you want and not a cloud in the sky.
The desert night sky is absolute magic.
A sparkly and glittering display of sheer beauty.
Stars as far as the eye can see!
There are shooting stars, planes and satellites. The Milky Way and Big Dipper.
And the awareness on how small we really are!


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