You are talking so fast it’s all just a blur. Something about a new boat, change motors and free. I shake my head, trying to hear clear. “Come again”, I say. “K. will give us his boat for free and we can transfer the motor we have on our old wooden boat and use the same trailer. His boat is fiber glass, which means we can get a slip for the summer and not have to worry about it sinking”, you respond!

For a second I don’t know what to say and then I catch up on your excitement. We bough a boat last year on a whim, a yellow wooden runabout that was built way back in 1958. It came with a great trailer and a 30 Horsepower motor. We cleaned it up, fixed some spots, named it Woodstock and took it out a few times. It would take on water so we couldn’t leave it in a slip at the Marina. Trailering it to and fro turned into this big chore every time. Our plans of going fishing and crabbing with it kind of fizzled. We always had to make sure the tide was right to get the boat into the water, which often quickly put an end to boating plans.

Woodstock is our first boat and while we really like it, it is time to move on. Let’s see what happens this Summer. Having the boat at the Marina would make boating a lot more spontaneous. We could just hop on and go if the weather is great. We live on an island after all and a whole new world opens up! Maybe we can be regular boaters after all, a childhood dream come true.



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