I am absorbed in my Facebook newsfeed when L. tells me to look out the window. “Look, it is snowing again” he says. I look up and instantly feel annoyed.”No”, I mutter, “they said it was going to rain not snow! I hate snow!”. Like a petulant child I push back my chair and stomp into the kitchen. “This sucks!” I exclaim as I put the tea kettle on the stove. I add sugar and a teabag to the waiting cup on the counter, almost close to tears with frustration.

Once the tea is poured I take it over to my workspace. My table is pushed against a big window and I can look into the woods surrounding our single wide. I stare outside, watching the flakes get bigger and bigger. The world turns white and all sound is hushed. This is actually quite pretty, I think to myself. As I continue to watch the spectacle outside my mood changes from angry and frustrated to a calm almost childlike wonder and I start to ponder my “hate” for snow and winter.

A couple of weeks ago I admitted to a friend that I actually enjoy winter this year. I never thought I would say this, but then, never say never. I enjoy the near hibernation that winter in the Pacific Northwest brings. Sitting by the fire, catching up on books and movies that piled up during the nice summer evenings. Not so bad after all! And then when the sun comes out to play it just feels so special. I found a new appreciation for sunshine and blue skies that I had lost somewhere along the way of living in almost always sunny Southern California.

So, could it be that I actually might enjoy snow as well? It is really pretty to look at, fun to play in, relaxing to watch the flakes come down. Digging deeper I cannot find any of the hate that I had felt just an hour earlier. The only thing I am sure of is that I don’t like to drive in snow.

Soon my little tantrum is forgotten and I am itching to go outside and play. I dig around in the closet for my nice warm winter overalls and L.’s big jacket. I put my gear on, find my gloves, the thick hat and warm boots. I convince one of my dogs, Phoebe, that snow would be fun and put her into her little fleece sweater and harness. I text my Dad, telling him that I am going out into the snow. “Make a snow angel” he responds. I get so excited I start to giggle.

I throw L. a kiss and throw open the door! “Off we go!”, I yell. My now lukewarm tea still sits on my table, untouched and forgotten.

dsc_0080The view from my workspace window!


3 thoughts on “Snow

  1. I’m envious of your workspace view! That is lovely! I love snow but that’s probably only because I live in the southeast and it’s a rare thing here. I have happy memories of childhood and playing in the snow (back when we actually used to GET some)! But I do not like to drive in it. We get mostly ice here instead of snow and it’s very hilly so driving is tricky.

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  2. This is really lovely! I dislike snow also, even though I have never experienced it. Living in the tropics now, I cringe at the thought of snow and possibly freezing to death. But this, this picture is beautiful!!

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  3. It really is a beautiful view. Snow turns the whole world into a fairy tale. This pure white veil creates a joyful mood. I understand your choice to enjoy the snow 🙂


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