Shadows in Cayucos

One of my favorite places in the world is Cayucos by the Sea in California. For a while I was trying to find a job and housing up there, unsuccessfully, and ended up just visiting as often as I could swing it. When I drove down the coast to Los Angeles in November 2015 I purposely took Highway 1 so I could stop in Cayucos and hang out for a while. The picture below was taken on my first ever visit in November 2006. Both me and the pooch fell in love with the beach there and spent hours walking on it. This little town managed to keep its character, mom and pop stores and friendly people despite being along one of the most popular tourist routes in America. The town’s secret is that you actually have to exit Highway 1 to get down into the town and most people will simply bypass it not knowing what they miss out on.



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