The dogs woke her up, moving around restlessly, jumping off the bed and back on, up and down, up and down. She got up and drowsily made her way to the sliding door in the living room, opening it up just enough to stick her head out and check if a rat had gotten into the trap, setting off the dogs. Cold air blew in through the opening and she quickly closed it back up. She stepped into the kitchen to take a sip of water, her eyes looking for the clock – 3:01 A.M.

She crawled back into the warm bed and pulled the cover up over herself and the now calm dogs, snuggling them tightly against her body. Her boyfriend was fast asleep, lightly snoring, not having noticed any of the commotion.

She closed her eyes to let slumber once again take over. All of a sudden a loud roaring noise, clattering, a jolt and then a slowly diminishing tremble. The dogs started growling and sat up again. “Did you feel that?” she asked into the dark room. A snore in response answered her question. She lay awake for a while after, having an eerie and disquieting feeling that she couldn’t quite put her finger on. She felt rattled more by the loud noise than the shaking and trembling.

A few hours later she checked her computer while drinking her morning coffee. The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network told her what she already knew:  9 km NNW of Friday Harbor, Washington, 03:03:16 PST, Strength 3.1



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