Last year while I was in Switzerland for some family time, a little dark grey fox started showing up at our single wide in the woods. Lance excitedly told me about his first encounter over the phone. I hoped the fox would show up again when I got home. About a week later my Dad and I made the journey back to the island. Dad had never been here before and was curious after all the wildlife stories I had told him before. We did not get disappointed! On our first evening back the fox showed up, very quietly out of the woods in the northwest corner of our yard. Lance had lovingly named him “Smokey” for his color. We think he was a male. He just sat there in the corner, eyeing the house, for about 5 minutes. And then just as quietly disappeared back into the bushes.

It became a daily ritual. He would show up just before 7pm, sit in the corner, watch, sometimes walk along the edge of the yard, sniff, and then disappear back in the woods. We grew fond of him and started looking out for him, for that flash of movement between the green ferns and bushes. I was fascinated with his pretty coat, the mesmerizing amber eyes, the goofy big ears, the full and bushy tail.  Twice he brought a friend along, a smaller red version, his female companion maybe. My Dad used to sit outside and watch the stars almost every night and it didn’t take long for Smokey to start showing up again after dark and sit with my Dad, sometimes for half an hour or longer.

About a week after my Dad left I decided that it was time to try and take a picture of our little friend and had the camera ready. I managed to get one halfway decent photo of him, I didn’t want to disturb him and took it out of our kitchen window. It would be the last time we saw Smokey. He has not shown up since and we do not know what happened to him. I still look out the window around 7pm, hoping to see a movement and I wonder why he had chosen to visit us every day. Had he shown up for my Dad? A companion from the spirit world helping him with his grief over losing his wife just a little over a year before. I like to believe so.



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