Repurpose and Up-cycle

Lance is a jewelry designer and one of his specialties is to recycle, up-cycle and repurpose materials. He melts down old sterling silver (from dishes, spoons, broken jewelry) and creates new beauties out of it. He finds old leather items, like jackets, pants, etc.) and makes purses, knife sheaths and bracelets. He makes buttons and jewelry pieces out of deer antlers and bones that he finds on walks. He will get a vision of a piece and then gathers the supplies at thrift stores, yard sales, estate sales, on the beach, in the forest, from friends and family.  Sometimes he buys supplies and the vision comes later. His current project started with a Australian saddle bag he bought at an estates sale this summer. He is now re-purposing the leather into bracelets.

dsc_0079-copythe “raw” leather from an old saddle bag

dsc_0076Adding a copper bezel to the leather, which will later hold a semi-precious stone

dsc_0078The first bracelet made from the saddle bag, with deer antler and smelted, then hand pounded sterling silver embellishments.

Leviathan West Designs


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