Miss Gadget

Two weeks ago we had a big windstorm here in the Pacific Northwest. The trees outside our windows were dancing wildly, turning this way then that way. I sat at my desk, perusing the internet, reading through blogs, checking what my friends are up to on Facebook when all of a sudden I sat in complete darkness. My boyfriend came in from his workshop asking if I had somehow tripped the power with the bathroom heater. But peeking out the window we couldn’t see any of the normal lights from our neighbors. The whole hood was dark. Calmly we lit some candles and dug out the flashlights and our camping lantern. Power outages usually last only a few minutes and we weren’t too worried. Ten minutes into the darkness my world kind of came crashing down. I was hungry from a long day at work and just wanted to sit on the couch and watch a few episodes of my favorite shows. I couldn’t even take a shower due to the well pump being out as well. My boyfriend had gone back out to his shop with the camping lantern to finish up his piece of jewelry and the dogs were peacefully asleep. I sat on the couch not quite knowing what to do with myself. The candlelight wasn’t strong enough to read and my Kindle had a dead battery. I decided to mediate for a bit, but after 15 minutes my stomach was growling so loud that meditating became impossible for me. Thank goodness we heat the old-fashioned way with a wood stove, so I made myself quesadillas on the stove. Then I sat back down on the couch checking the time. A little bit over an hour had passed in what seemed like eternity. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself and my first world problems. I became aware on how much rely on power and on technology. Not so long ago there were no computers, no internet, no Facebook or Netflix. There weren’t even any blogs! I grew up reading and playing games, listening to tapes in my sisters walkman. I was only allowed one hour of television a week until I was 12, then my parents increased it to 2 hours a week. People nowadays say that technology makes our lives easier, but does it really? It only works if you have power! It seems that life was so much more simple when I didn’t have all this gadgets. It was quite an awakening! When did I become so dependent?

10 minutes later the power came back on, for exactly an hour, then went out again. I gave up and went to bed, deciding to get my beauty sleep instead of feeling annoyed at not having light.



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