Linus the Mighty

When I moved up to the Pacific Northwest back in the Summer of 2014, Lola and I stayed in this ancient and tiny “canned ham” trailer on a beautiful property right in the heart of the island. There were several dogs already living there, 5 Dachshunds and a Chug (Chihuahua/Pug mix). Lola towered over them all and got along better with some than others. Her immediate favorite – I dare saying it was love at first sight-  was Linus the Chug. He could get away with anything! And when I say anything I mean anything! Lola was very particular with her bed, only one other dog had so far been allowed to sleep in it, Linus was the second one. Not only that, she actually allowed him to sleep in her bed without her in it as well, now that was a first! I would wake up in the morning and open up the trailer door. Soon I would hear  my landlady get up and not long after Linus would come running into the trailer, stand in front of Lola and literally slap her in the face a few times, before coming over to me, jumping around on top of me and then move back over to Lola and snuggle in with her. It became a morning ritual!

At the end of the Summer I had to leave for two months to go to Switzerland and be with my family in the wake of my Mom’s passing. Lola stayed on the island with a good friend. While in Switzerland I not only found myself missing my girl, but I also missed Linus and his goofy personality. When I came back to the island, we moved into the downstairs office space while looking for a permanent home. The trailer had simply gotten to cold and damp  to stay in it through the winter. Linus and Lola were thrilled and we happily resumed our rituals. As it happened I found out that Linus was in need of a new home (just like us) and without hesitation I told my landlady that Linus would move with us! He officially joined our pack on January 19, 2015 and a month later we moved to our current place in the woods. It felt like we always had been a pack of three! The transition was seamless.

About three month later my boyfriend moved in with us and our pack became four. Unfortunately our new family dynamic was not meant to last and Lola passed away on Memorial Day after a very unexpected and quick downturn of her health. One day she was my happy girl, 10 days later I had to let her go, acute liver failure, cause unknown. I was beyond heartbroken and felt so lost! Linus, despite missing Lola himself, came through for me and gave me a reason to go on.

Now, who is Linus in a nutshell! He is Mister Bubble Eyes, Little Foot Mountain Linus, Señor Underbite, Linus the Mighty. The coolest Chug ever to walk the face of the Earth! He is jovial and happy, easy going and loves everyone! He beats everyone in stare downs and he has the funniest little grumble when he wants attention. He sounds like a vicious monster playing with his stuffed seal but wouldn’t hurt a fly. He has the Chihuahua peanut head attached to a stocky Pug body, with butt rolls and all! He has the most amazing facial expressions! He loves to get his daily back massage and will insist on it, he will simply not take no for an answer. He loves to go for rides in the truck and can often be found simply sleeping in the truck when we are at home. My boyfriend is a jewelry designer and has a vendor booth during the summer where Linus happily joins him. Patiently sitting in the back of the booth or even on the sales table itself. He turned into quite the Instagram celebrity last summer.

Whatever he does he simply manages to brighten our day and I am eternally grateful to Lola for falling in love with him and choosing him as her successor. She did good!


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