Mother’s love

My Mom was a stay home Mom and she was a pretty ordinary cook. She did however, make the Greatest Pizza in the World! She claimed that she followed a simple recipe she found in an old cook book – but let me tell you – the resulting pie being scrumptious, juicy, exploding with flavors and sending all your taste buds into a wild frenzy! It was literally a party in your mouth! Every time we came home from school and stepped through the door to smell that amazing pizza baking, the world just got a little brighter. She had to make her pizza pie for every party we ever had. People specifically asked if there would be pizza at our parties or get-togethers. When I moved across the pond, Pizza became my “welcome home” and “see you next time” dinner every time I went back to Switzerland. My sister, my sister-in-law and I took the challenge several times and tried to make the same pie following the same recipe she used. But guess what, our pizzas didn’t even come close. When we confronted Mom to see if she had a secret ingredient, she just smiled and said that she absolutely did not. We watched her like a hawk next time she baked a pie and she was telling the truth. However, for some odd reason, hers just tasted a gazillion times better. It made us wonder if there is such a thing as a mother’s love that just acts like a secret ingredient!

Mom left her earthly body two years ago and took her pizza secret with her (and her lasagna and fish gratin as well, but that is a whole other story). It makes her absence at parties and welcome home gatherings even more glaring. Nobody has tried to make her pizza again either, the memory of it sacred. I wonder if she bakes her pie whichever next level she moved on to as well, delighting all her fellow spirits with its explosive flavors. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water and my taste buds perk up.

The Greatest _______ in the World


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