Mind over matter

I have always admired people who train and actually run half marathons and full marathons. I honestly don’t feel like I could ever do it. The running part at least…maybe if I could walk the whole thing. See, I am not much of a runner, just never enjoyed it. I am a walker and a hiker. And I looked at today’s prompt just before going on a walk and it got me thinking. What I gathered in the past from talking to friends that have done marathons, it isn’t just about running, it is emotional and it is mental as well. The mind plays a huge role. The mind is the one that is going to have to stick to it and just get the feet going, right? I work at an organic Lavender Farm in production. We hand produce a variety of items with our own lavender. The past two days I  had to produce on a item that I do not enjoy making, it bores me to tears, quite literally. When I got to work this morning I had to force and sweet talk myself to sit down and get started. I found all sorts of other things I needed to do first. But there comes the point where you have no other choices, no more things to do to procrastinate the inevitable. So I got started and it felt miserable. Not even my music helped at the beginning. But then after a while, my mind took over and I got into a rhythm. And kept going and going until lunch break. Afterwards the same thing happened, I simply wanted to run away (and yes, this time I really wanted to run), but my mind eventually took over and I almost finished the project by the time I was done with work. Now, what exactly did my mind do? It wandered of on tangents completely unrelated to the project, but kept my hands going with the task at hand. The music eventually triggered memories and I was off on little journeys all day. Mind over matter.

I still don’t think I would want to run a Marathon, but sometimes working on monotone projects kind of feels like I do. I came home from work mentally and physically exhausted, and yes, I was sitting all day and just working with my hands.

via Daily Prompt: Marathon


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